Logo of Estonian EU Precidency 2017

Social programme at BONUS Symposium Oct 2017

Ice-breaker event

Ice-breaker event will be held on 16 October at the Mare atrium in Tallinn University (Uus-Sadama 5).
There will be wine and hors d´oeuvre served.

Symposium dinner

Symposium dinner will be held on 18 October at the Tallinn Teachers´ house (Town Hall square 14).
It will be a three-course buffet dinner with complimentary wine.
The dinner is free for all symposium participants.

Excursion: Interactive museum "Tallin Legends"

Visit will be held on 17 October. Pre-registration is necessary. Price 15 Euro.

Tallinn Legends is a tourist attraction in the form of theatrical and interactive museum in Tallinn. The museum recreates historical events and legends that have contributed to the folklore of medieval Tallinn.

Tallinn Legends is a 40 minutes journey into the Middle Ages. Nine terrifying legends of medieval Tallinn performed by professional actors and mechanical dolls. Tallin Legends brings together storytelling, interactive shows, special effects and history to create an unforgettable experience available in English, Estonian, Russian and Finnish. On this journey you’ll pass through nine underground chambers with 360° themed sets depicting some of the most mysterious legends of the city of Tallinn. Join the Alchemist in deriving the formula of Philosopher’s stone; walk down the streets devastated by plague; witness the beheading of Johann von Uexkull; and, if you’re lucky, meet a real mermaid. In other words, have some bloody good time!


27 MARCH 2023