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Sessions at BONUS Symposium Oct 2017

Sessions at the BONUS SYMPOSIUM: Science delivery for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea living resources include:

Session 1: Potential and genetic basis for colonisation, acclimation and adaptation

This session will report advances in our knowledge relative to the potential and genetic basis for colonisation, acclimation and adaptation of selected native and alien invasive species/populations.

Session 2: Process-based knowledge on spatial population dynamics, species interactions and habitat connectivity

This session will quantify population dynamics and species interactions of key Baltic species in a spatially explicit context, and identify processes generating spatial structure and heterogeneity; it will also address potential hazards to the connectivity between identified key habitats, including the impact of human induced and climatic environmental changes on habitat connectivity.

Session 3: Ecosystem internal and external drivers of change affecting biodiversity

This session will further advance the knowledge on functional links between selected biodiversity metrics and single/synergistic external pressures (e.g., fishing, eutrophication, climate change, biological invasions) and resulting alterations in food-web interactions affecting biodiversity.

Session 4: Temporal dynamics in biodiversity 

This session will focus on the past patterns and future projections in biodiversity under changes in key drivers and pressures affecting biodiversity.

Session 5: Ecosystem-based adaptive management in the context of new understanding in spatio-temporal heterogeneity

This session will report on (1) advances to expand the knowledge base in the field of spatially explicit advice for ecosystem-based adaptive management, accounting for the spatial heterogeneity in species distributions, and (2) showcase the emerging socio-economic dimensions of marine management. 

Panel discussion: Science delivery for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea living   resources – where to go from here?

Invited representatives from the key stakeholders organisations and scientists attending the symposium will discuss the needs, opportunities and ways to incorporate the new scientific results gained into sustainable resource management, environmental protection and blue growth agenda. The discussion will outline the lessons learned (incl. positive cases and challenges faced) towards improving policies and management practices by incorporating new scientific evidences. The discussion will also map the stakeholders’ perspective on the future science needs to achieve sustainability of the Baltic Sea living resource management, by also considering the socio-economic dimension.
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