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Manuscript submission to ICES Journal of Marine Science

Selected papers (oral and poster) from the Symposium will be included in a special issue of the ICES Journal of Marine Science (IJMS), to be published in late 2018 or early 2019.


The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is 20 December 2017.

Preparing your manuscript

Before preparing your manuscript, read the following:

Manuscript submission

Submit your manuscript online at IJMS

In your cover letter, identify the manuscript as being associated with the Symposium and, when you arrive at the point in the online submission process at which you are asked if it is a contribution to a Symposium, select "Sustainable use of Baltic Sea Resources" from the pull-down menu.


Questions about technical issues related to submissions should be directed to the IJMS editorial office, icesjms.editorialoffice@oup.com

Questions about content should be directed to the Symposium conveners and/or the Editor-in-Chief Howard Browman, howardb@imr.no




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