Partners in the BONUS INSPIRE Project

All BONUS INSPIRE partner institutes have proven excellence in international marine science by coordinating major international projects, leading expert groups and serving in important advisory boards.

They have long-standing expertise in designing/performing field surveys and carrying out research on spatio-temporal dynamics of the main commercial fish - cod, herring, sprat, and flatfishes - in the Baltic Sea. The partners also routinely apply quantitative models for stock assessment and ecosystem-based fisheries management.Furthermore, the BONUS INSPIRE partners have at hand the extensive data series necessary to realistically conduct such complex ecological analyses.

Several partners have also strong expertise in investigating ecological processes in the Baltic Sea by involving other trophic levels than fish as well as external and internal ecosystem drivers. Thus, the INSPIRE consortium is uniquely equipped to answer the formulated key research questions.

The BONUS INSPIRE partners have specific dedicated roles and expertise fields, such as climate modeling (GEOMAR), habitat modeling (LU, SLU), fish stock assessments (MIR-PIB, SLU, DTU Aqua, TI-OF, UT-EMI), management advice (FGFRI, SLU), ecosystem and food-web modeling (DTU Aqua, SU, UHAM, SLU), fish ecology (DTU Aqua, UT-EMI, BIOR, SLU, TI-OF, UU) and are able to cover the major sub-basins and all major fish in the Baltic Sea.

Organisation Country  PI in charge  Organisation's web address 
UT-EMI Estonia Henn Ojaveer
DTU Aqua Denmark Stefan Neuenfeldt
MIR-PIB Poland  Jan Horbowy
SU Sweden Thorsten Blenckner
SLU Sweden  Michele Casini
BIOR Latvia Georgs Kornilovs
TI-OF Germany  Patrick Polte
UHAM Germany  Christian Möllmann
FGFRI Finland Eero Aro
GEOMAR  Germany Andreas Lehmann
LU  Sweden Anders Nilsson
UU  Sweden Anders Nissling
27 MARCH 2023