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About the BONUS INSPIRE project

The BONUS INSPIRE Project conducts pilot ecosystem field surveys that help resolving the habitat requirements of different life-stages of the focal species by combined use of traditional methods and application of modern advanced analysis and modelling techniques.

The research is conducted in a matrix approach with four species specific case (cod, herring, sprat and flounder) and five research work-packages. The work packages deal with (i) habitat requirements and survival probability for different life stages, (ii) connectivity between habitat occupied in successive life stages, (iii) spatial scaling from local events to regional population dynamics, (iv) spatially explicit analytical stock assessments (including a comprehensive flatfish programme), and (v) ecosystem-based management and Marine Strategy Framework Directive indicators.

The partners of the project have long-standing expertise in designing and performing field surveys and carrying out research on spatio-temporal dynamics of the main commercial fish (cod, herring, sprat, and flatfishes) in the Baltic Sea.

Overarching questions of the BONUS INSPIRE project

The overarching questions of the BONUS INSPIRE Project are:

  1. What habitat (both pelagic and benthic) conditions characterize the spatial distributions of cod, herring, sprat and flounder?

  2. To what extent do fishing and species interaction affect the local and basin-scale distribution of exploited stocks?

  3. What drives spatial connectivity and migrations of different fish species/populations?

  4. How does stock structure and separation of natural populations impact stock assessment outcomes?


The project is funded by the Baltic BONUS programme, the EU and national funding institutions in the Baltic Sea countries.


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27 MARCH 2023