Metadata from the BONUS INSPIRE Project

The metadata sheets below describe the data used in BONUS INSPIRE publications and products. In addition to data description, contact information on the data owner is also given.

Baltic cod condition
General description Biological data from bottom trawling (BITS, and historical Swedish and Latvian data), seal counts (Swedish Museum of Natural history) and hydrological data (SMHI)

Baltic cod early life
Early life stage survival and connectivity of Baltic cod

Baltic cod egg survival
Oxygen-related Baltic cod egg survival data

Baltic cod natural mortality and selectivity
Effects of varying natural mortality and selectivity on the assessment of eastern Baltic cod stock

Baltic cod otolith microchemistry
Seasonal signals in otolith microchemistry reveal age of eastern Baltic cod 

Baltic cod stock mixing - Arkona Basin
Spatio-temporal trends in stock mixing of eastern and western Baltic cod in the Arkona Basin and the implications for recruitment

Baltic cod stomach content
Individual-based samples of cod stomach contents for the Eastern Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea flounder genetic data
Genotypes for 16 msat markers of individual flounders mainly sampled in BONUS INSPIRE gillnet and beach seine surveys

Baltic Sea gillnet and beach seine surveys
Environmental data and fish catch data from BONUS INSPIRE gillnet and beach seine surveys

Baltic Sea standardized bottom trawl data
Data on CPUE (catch per unit effort) per sizeclass of cod and flounder, from DATRAS and historical Latvian and Swedish surveys

Baltic Sea standardized pelagic trawl data
Data on CPUE (catch per unit effort) of cod ≥30 cm from acoustic surveys control hauls

Egg specific gravity of Baltic flounder
Egg characteristics and egg survival probabilities in different spawning areas

Environment and fish larvae - Pärnu Bay
Daily samples on environment and larval herring and Pomatoschistus spp. in three stations

Herring reproduction - Gulf of Riga
Autumn herring collected for general biological and ovarian analysis from spawning areas in gillnets from the northern Gulf of Riga throughout the spawning season

Herring and sprat feeding - Gulf of Finland & NE Baltic
Herring and sprat feeding in the Gulf of Finland and the NE Baltic Proper

Herring and stickleback feeding - Gulf of Riga
Herring and three-spined stickleback feeding in the Gulf of Riga

Hydroclimate, zooplantkon and herring - Gulf of Riga
Larval fish sampled from nine stations and CTD/zooplankton from two stations in Pärnu Bay from May to July

Ichthyoplankton - Gotland Basin and Gulf of Finland
Ichthyoplankton in the Gotland Basin and the Gulf of Finland

Baltic Sea mesozooplankton dataset

Multispecies and density dependent factors
Effects of multispecies and density dependent factors on MSY reference points. Example of the Baltic Sea sprat

Spatial distribution of larval herring - Greifswald Bay
Pelagic and littoral herring larvae abundance and vertical distributions

Stock structure and main parameters of internationally managed fish species of the Baltic Sea (excl. salmon and plaice)
Information on SSB, stock abundance, landings, fishing mortalities and TACs of herring, sprat, and cod stocks

Stock structure and main parameters of the Baltic herring in Subdivisions 28.2, 29, 32 and their combinations

Information on SSB, stock abundance, landings and fishing mortalities of herring in Subdivisions 28.2, 29, 32 and their combinations

Storm event impact - Greifswald Bay 
Greifswald Bay environment, macrophyte coverage and herring egg concentration, impact of storm event
23 OCTOBER 2017